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2020-01-11 18:18  www.radiopsaumes.com


Recently, the reporter learned from the Baoan District Government that the 2020 Spring Festival cum Spring Festival Carnival will open at Baoan Binhai Cultural Park (Phase I) for nearly a month.


In addition to the chunhua market, the scene will also set up a network of popular flower typing points for the shenzhen people, Zigong non-heritage theme lantern, carnival amusement equipment, international performing arts, delicious food street, water art program and other spring festival theme activities to create a national pattern carnival, so that everyone in the lively market, feel the thick spring festival atmosphere.


Here set up a hundred flower shop, the formation of a lively flower market, flower variety rich, you can enjoy the spring flower market in the flower works at the same time, buy their favorite annual flowers, one-time to meet the need to enjoy flowers, taste flowers, buy flowers.


In addition, the network red flower card area is also a highlight of the Spring Festival, super selection of flower beauty Chen works show, is definitely a good place to take photos, card, here a random shot, minutes to brush your circle of friends!


This time, the baoan district's chunhua market, specially set up a fun carnival, so that the chunhua market is no longer a single trip, become suitable for the family out to play the card. The carnival will be held from January 16 to February 8(Lantern Festival).


Fun Carnival also brings special amusement equipment, including fun and romantic merry-go-round, dynamic and happy children kart, VR immersive experience and other game items, parent-child interaction, happy time together.


Special buskers during the Spring Festival are a highlight. From January 25th to January 31st (first to seventh day of the year), the world-class street artist Professor Bubble and Master Wheel Ring will come to the carnival to interact with everyone at close range and bring a wonderful artistic experience.


This time also invited cctv program performance artists (kung fu rainbow circle wu wuqiang, power flying card zhou chaofeng), hunan tv \"day-to-day\" national quintessence chuan opera face change zhang shuai to the public to bring hall-level art appreciation banquet.


More exotic foreign bands from russia, ukraine and other countries, dance groups, live performances, and close interaction with everyone, setting off the new year atmosphere.


Bao'an District's 2020 Spring Festival and Spring Festival Carnival also set up a gourmet street,100% delicious food street will be January 25(New Year's Day)- February 8(Lantern Festival) swept in, not only have access to 100 kinds of snacks, but also spring full garden, JW Marriott five-star food, for \"food lovers\" to create an encounter food and fun to find the taste of the tour.


At the festival, you can enjoy a variety of foods, such as Brazilian barbecue, Taiwanese oyster fry, Spanish latin fruit, Korean fried rice cakes and so on.


What is worth looking forward to is JW Marriott's five-star snack food, hot dogs, sandwiches, eggs, waffles, coffee, milk tea, fruit tea and so on will bring you 100% taste bud satisfaction.


In keeping with the Spring Festival atmosphere, Bao'an Binhai Cultural Park (Phase I) will open its Art Season from January 22 to February 8(Lantern Festival), bringing in specially invited artist Wang Shaoshuai's large interactive device, the Red Ball Project, which will add an atmosphere to the Spring Festival through pure red and new forms, while leading the visitors to return to the first heart and experience the art journey together.


Bao'an Binhai Cultural Park (Phase I) has been included in the \"Shenzhen Major Project\" for four consecutive years, and its park landscape design has won the \"Oscar ASLA Landscape Planning and Design category Award\" in the American landscape industry. It is the bright pearl of the 45 km coastline in the west of Shenzhen, located in the southern coastal zone of Baoan central district, and is the core node of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area.


With an investment of more than 10 billion yuan, it will be built into a new international coastal city coordinates, a world-class Bay Area tourist destination and an important city-level public space for the development of Shenzhen and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area.