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At the beginning of the new year, many people have made a wealth plan for the new year, and these goals cannot be successfully achieved without the help of relevant national policies. The People's Bank of China announced on the 5th the key work of 2020, many of which are related to the economic and financial life of you and me.


How will China's monetary policy move in the face of the global wave of interest rate cuts? The people's bank's 2020 working meeting in beijing made it clear that prudent monetary policy should be maintained in a flexible and moderate manner. We will strengthen counter-cyclical regulation, maintain reasonable liquidity, and promote the growth of monetary credit and social financing in line with economic development.


A thousand moves, no money is useless. Zeng Gang, deputy director of the National Institute of Finance and Development, said that under downward economic pressure, monetary policy tools need to be used flexibly to provide sufficient funds for enterprise development according to the state of economic operation. But at the same time, the central bank has always stressed that it must not engage in \"flood irrigation,\" to maintain a stable value of the currency, to protect the hands of ordinary people's money.


“I'm too difficult" was the voice of some small and micro business owners in the past year, but in the face of the new year, there are still a lot of people with expectations. Especially on New Year's Day, the central bank sent more than 800 billion yuan to reduce the "gift package ", and explicitly proposed the use of reduced funds to increase support for small and micro, private enterprises.


In order to further alleviate the financing of small and micro enterprises difficult to finance expensive problem, the meeting proposed to improve the small and micro enterprises loan assessment incentive mechanism, the implementation of credit due diligence exemption system, to create a policy environment that dare to loan can be loaned. We will make use of policy tools such as targeted reduction, rediscount of re-loans, macro-prudential assessment and credit information management to effectively promote the improvement of financing for small and micro enterprises.


“For the grass-roots banks facing the pressure of performance appraisal, the implementation of credit due diligence exemption system can partially eliminate the fear of the grass-roots dare not lend, unwilling to lend, better protect the enthusiasm of grass-roots employees to promote small and micro loan business." A member of the state-owned bank's inclusive finance sector said.


Last year, the State Council's Financial Stability and Development Commission paid close attention to the reform of small and medium-sized banks three times in a row. The 2020 work conference clearly proposed to deepen the reform of small and medium-sized banks and rural credit cooperatives.


Dong ximiao, chief researcher at xinwang bank, said indirect financing is still the leading mode in china's financing system, and the reform of small and medium-sized banks is of great significance to enhance the adaptability, competitiveness and inclusiveness of the financial system.


In the past year, China's financial industry has opened up more rapidly. In the new year, the conference pointed out that China should actively and steadily promote the internationalization of the renminbi. We will push forward the reform of the foreign exchange management system in depth, and support the FTAZ and FTAZ in their first attempt at foreign exchange management reform.


Mr Dong said the opening up of the financial industry should not only \"run fast\" but also \"walk steadily \".


At a time when mobile payments are becoming more and more popular, it doesn't seem to affect consumption if people don't go out with their wallets. Numerous means of payment have become a footnote in China's economic development. In this context, the meeting pointed out that the promotion of mobile payment convenience project continues to develop in depth.


However, with the deep combination of science and technology and finance, people inevitably encounter problems such as telecom fraud and information disclosure while obtaining convenient financial services.


In this regard, the meeting proposed to fully cooperate in the fight against new types of telecommunication network crime and cross-border network gambling activities. Steadily promote the second generation of credit information system online upgrade, strengthen personal credit information security management and personal privacy protection. We will improve the coordination mechanism for the protection of the rights and interests of financial consumers and coordinate the promotion of inclusive finance.


In order to further strengthen the research and application of financial science and technology, the conference also proposed to establish and improve the basic rules system of financial science and technology supervision, and continue to steadily advance the research and development of statutory digital currency.


When it comes to events in the financial sector over the past year, many will mention that \"the contractor's bank has been taken over \". So far, the contractor's banks are still operating normally, and there are no group incidents such as customer runs, which allows people to see the ability of regulatory agencies to deal with problems, and also have full confidence in winning the battle to prevent and defuse major financial risks.


In order to complete the established task, the meeting proposed to establish and improve the mechanism of recovery and disposal of financial institutions, loss sharing mechanism and incentive and restraint mechanism. Highlight the key points and continue to do a good job in handling the risks of key financial institutions according to law. Continue to carry out special regulation of Internet financial risks, basically resolve the risks of Internet financial stock, and establish and improve a long-term regulatory mechanism. We will speed up the establishment of a long-term management mechanism for real estate finance. Further play the role of deposit insurance institutions in risk disposal.


In the face of the possible emergence of \"black swans\" and \"gray rhinos\" in financial markets, we are determined, confident and capable of winning the battle against major risks, Bank of China President Yi Gang wrote in his New Year's speech.